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Introduction - FOR A respected birth

When we were expecting our ninth child, we looked for testimony DVDs about birth, to help us live better the childbirth of the next baby. So we bought DVDs, in particular on the U.S. website "Orgasmic Birth". We realized that there was no video showing step by step the progress of a typical natural birth. We understood that it was to us to make such a video. So we organized to film the arrival of our ninth child in order to make a demonstrative video, rich of the experience we had gained in child's welcome in gentleness and peace. Thus was released in October 2010 the FILm - Living Naturally and Peacefully the Birth

To succeed to live naturally and peacefully the birth of a child, a whole inner journey, psychic, mental and spiritual, as well as an outside path, material, relational and organizational, have been necessary. As we are convinced that children better respected at birth will be tomorrow citizens more fulfilled and more respectful of life, able to contribute to build a more harmonious society, we decide to write a book about our journey, to help couples who wish to embark on this great adventure :  becoming able to take on in couple the birth of their own children. Hence is born the  book -  natural and self-managed couple childbirth

Theme : Birth

un art de vivre en familleTo know more about our birth lifestyle, see the webpage :

Couple childbirth
for a respected birth

which includes the video clip : baby respected at birth arrives sleeping

bébé dort encore une minute après sa naissance